The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority is embarking on the preparation of an airport master plan study, Vision2040, to guide future development at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

The study is an 18-month process that will conclude in late 2016.

Vision2040 Goals:

  • Encompass improvements that will ensure the Airport’s safety, efficiency, and capability to serve the community’s aviation needs.
  • Optimize infrastructure and resources in an operationally, financially and environmentally sustainable manner.
  • Enhance the passenger and customer experience through long range development actions.
  • Define development plans that are scalable to respond to variations in demand over the planning horizon.
  • Preserve flexibility to adapt to emerging and future technologies.
  • Accommodate connectivity to various modes of transportation as components of Airport development plans.

This site has been designed as a resource to share the study progress and milestones, to keep stakeholders and the general public updated on the planning effort and to provide an opportunity for public input.

The Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority encourages you to visit this site regularly and to take advantage of opportunities for providing feedback on the study. View all comments received through noon on October 17, 2016.