Advisory Committees

As part of its Vision2040 master planning program, the Airport Authority invited policy and technical advisors from the community to assist RDU and its consultant, Ricondo & Associates, throughout the program planning. These advisory committees bring unique knowledge and skills which augment the staff and consultant’s.

The advisory committees will:

  • Review the project process
  • Serve as advocates for the organization to the community
  • Provide technical expertise
  • Provide expertise on issues important to the community

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) includes planners from local communities, representatives from the aviation industry and other technical specialists.

The Political Advisory Committee (PAC) includes elected officials, as well as leaders from government, business and economic development.

If you have questions about the PAC or TAC, please contact the Communications team.

Timeline of PAC/TAC Meetings

July 2015
July 14 – Technical Advisory Committee
July 15 – Policy Advisory Committee

September 2015
September 29 – Technical Advisory Committee
September 30 – Policy Advisory Committee

December 2015
December 8 – Technical Advisory Committee Date
December 9 – Policy Advisory Committee Date

May 2016
May 25 – Technical Advisory Committee
May 26 – Policy Advisory Committee

September 2016
September 7 – Technical Advisory Committee
September 8 – Policy Advisory Committee

November 2016
November 15 – Technical Advisory Committee
November 16 – Policy Advisory Committee